Our Team

Meet our team of legal experts

Paolo Tonelli, JD
Founder & CEO

Paolo leads innovation and product development at Codify. After a summer job at a car plant, he later realized how automation could impact his job as a legal content writer. He became a pioneer of the legal tech industry by building an automated legal compliance product for CRSTL Solutions that was later acquired by Thomson Reuters. Paolo took some time off to learn how to program and soon got the idea for Codify. He now leverages his background in coding and law to develop new, highly scalable technologies.

John Wu, JD
Director of Business Development

John is responsible for business development and UX design at Codify. He began his career in bioengineering research at St. Joseph's, where he witnessed the transforming effect of technology on the healthcare industry. Taking these insights into the realm of law, he helped develop the first legal tech competency course at Osgoode Hall, and was awarded by the Attorney General of Ontario for his work in A2J. A proponent of user-centered design, he is constantly seeking new ways to make technologies more accessible.

Darlene Tonelli, JD
Legal Counsel

Darlene assists Codify in legal matters. An experienced technology and intellectual property expert, she helps establish business models and licensing agreements, and provides invaluable advice on a wide variety of operational matters. Darlene's diverse experiences as big-firm lawyer at Goodmans, in-house counsel at Universal Music, and as the founder of Inter Alia Law, provides her with keen user insights on developing better products for all market segments. She also produces a fun podcast, Lawyer Life Podcast.